1 month down

So i started this on may 1st and it is now the 31st and I am pretty sure I have yet to miss a beat so that sure is nice. I hope this will keep me occupied and help me grow as a photographer. I want to make a wish list of things I want by the time this year (may-may that is) is over.
so I really want/wanted these things
manfrotto 2hio photo-movie head- I just got it today
i really like it a lot, its going to be perfect for me
also i got manfrotto 755 legs, they are nice too :)
I also bought a modular think tank belt system today, spur of the moment :)
now i have all this new fun stuff and no camera to put it on
what i do want is this:
11-16mm 2.8 Tokina
50mm 1.4 Find me one that is sharp wide open please :)
85mm 1.4 Sigma/85 1.8 Canon/85 1.4 Opteka (crazy sharp but minimum focus stinks)
100mm macro Canon L or Non-L
Some sort of fish eye too, preferably very wide 6.5mm
Canon 5D mark II/Mark III? who knows. I need a full frame body
Canon Elan 7 film body
maybe another crop body as a day to day beat up camera
Fuji x100, sweet pocket camera
Zoom H4n
senheisser G3 lavalier microphones
Rode videomic pro
:Computer related:
27’ iMac
large back up drive system
Final Cut Pro X, coming so soon

My Gear as of right now:
Canon 7D body
Canon 24mm 1.4L II
Canon 70-200mm 2.8L IS II
Canon A1 film camera
Canon FD 50mm 1.4
Canon FD 70-210mm 4
Manfrotto 561 BHDV fluid monopod
Manfrotto 755 sticks
Manfrotto 2hio photo movie head
think tank airport international,
think tank streetwalker hard drive
think tank modular set with belt and shoulder straps (coming tomorrow)
Apple 15" macbook pro i7, anti-glare, 8gb ram, 1gb video card, 128gb solid state

so yeah I want a lot of stuff..

Until Tomorrow…